Elev8 Show NYC: Luxury and Sustainability Do Go Hand in Hand

Spring is a great time to give your closet a fresh look, go get a new haircut, treat yourself to fresh smoothies and discover new beauty products and brands.

With this in mind, I set out to the heart of Chelsea with an open mind. I wasn’t disappointed. I learned so much about Elev8. I obtained a lot of fresh insight into the luxury beauty industry.
You’re probably already aware that more beauty brands are becoming socially and environmentally conscious and attempting to bridge luxury and sustainability. This means that we can enjoy a luxury experience that often provides health benefits while minimizing environmental impact.
I hauled home numerous samples. Here my top five picks.

Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

Most of us are not aware that daily we use so many personal products that cause damage to our environment. Kaia cloths are a true game changer! Not only are free of alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens and sulfates, more importantly, they are 100% biodegradable.

Kaia bamboo cleansing cloths

Soigné Nail Polish

Soigné is more than just a luxury brand with elegant packaging. Its formula contains no harmful carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals that may be found in many personal products). And they are up to 85% plant sourced.

Soigné Organic Luxury Nail Polish

Flynn & King Natural Skin Care Soap

This company uses a cold process to produce its soaps. This creates an incredible lather to allow a truly luxurious bathing experience. I’ve tried quite a few brands that make organic soaps and I’ve noticed that most of them do not lather well. I found out during the event that some soaps use a hot process technique, which is more efficient, yet decreases lathering and nutrient levels. So, if you want to try an incredibly natural soap without sacrificing luxury, check out Flynn & King soaps.

Mālayā Organics Hair Oil

What an amazing experience! This company offers aroma therapeutic hair oil, which repairs dry hair and doubles as a styling product to give hair shine. It’s 100% natural. This product is rich with a number of organic oils. Curious to know which kinds? They use coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, hemp oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and many more. No genetically modified, hydrogenated products here! Mālayā Organics Hair Oil is perfect to nurture and revitalize my stressed hair, keep it less vulnerable to breakages and frizz.

Malaya Organics Hair Oil Style And Repair

S.W. Organic Lip Balm

This just became my best friend. It fits easily in my purse and has a great peppermint flavor that I absolutely love. More importantly, the Brooklyn-based company that produces it uses natural ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from family farms.

S W Basics Organic Lip Balm

Elev8 Beauty Event, Chelsea, New York


What is new and fresh in your shopping list?



I like this  Chalayan trench, which I often use to complete an effortless, sporty look. The fabric, made up of 100% waterproof polyester, makes this trench perfect for rainy days. Although it has a belt, I like to wear it unbuttoned to show off the avant-garde architectural shape. Hussein Chalayan, a British/Turkish Cypriot fashion designer, is incredibly innovative; he found inspiration in art, science and architecture. I absolutely love his designs. Some of them are so modern and wearable, others are simply fantastic pieces of art.

I like to wear a sporty look lately throughout the week. Side-striped pants,  combined with sporty wedges,  give a ready-for-action, modern look.

What do you think of incorporating sports into your wardrobe?

russian_fashion_blogger_nyc_tuxedo_pans_chalayan chalayan_puma_fashion_blogger sport_trend_2014_blogger_fashion tuxedo_pants_trend russian_blogger_chalayan_tuxedo_pants

Structural Suede Overall Dress Or Unleashing The Sweet Tooth At Rocco, East Village


My Dessert Pick: Italian Fruit Tiramisu

Boots: Sergio Rossi Knee High Suede Wedges 

Navy Blue Suede Overall Dress & Tartan Scarf: Vintage

Burgundy Leather bracelet: Italy

Sunglasses: Nau!

Bucket Bag With Studs / Tussles: Italy

Photo Story: Rooftops, Galleries, Dancing Buddha Monk, And More…

I hope you all enjoying your weekend! Going through all my oldies, I thought I would  share some of them.  Enjoy!


Ship of Tolerance in the front of Brooklyn Bridge during Dumbo Arts Festival 2013 in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Bridge, NYC


Rooftops – the best way to ogle Manhattan’s spectacular skylines.


Rooftops – a home to some of the most stylish parties and NYC shopping experience. A great place to discover new, emerging designers.


My First Purchase: L’Officiel Fall-Winter 2013/2014 Collections


Exquisite vintage sunglasses at Brooklyn Flea Market.


Vintage luggage / travel bags.


Lego cuff links, Brooklyn flea market.


Androgynous female blonde in the streets of Manhattan.


Black and white / vintage photography in Central Park, NYC.


Soho: Tiffany & Co.


Graffiti wall in the streets of Manhattan.


Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts: Perhaps these girls are waiting for the next class to start…


Dancing Buddha Monk.


A place that offers an amazing selection of unusual original vintage posters.



HOW TO STYLE RIPPED DENIM: Pair With Boyfriend Shirt

Beauty Routine: Androgynous Nails At Alexander Wang Fall 2013