Sensitive People


Emotional sensitivity sometimes has a negative connotation. Some label highly insightful people vulnerable and weak. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

You may have a family member, friend or the loved one who is extremely responsive; and you may want to help him or her grow. Perhaps you are highly sensitive yourself. (If you recognize that, congratulations, it’s a big step in becoming a stronger person.)

I believe that you can transform any weakness into a strength. First, truly BELIEVE that your flaw is a positive point and build strategies accordingly. Yes, sensitivity is a strength.  It’s what makes you unique; it’s what makes you beautiful!  Celebrate your gift!

Here the steps that will make you even stronger:

  1. Cultivate and nurture your sensitivity. Instead of cursing it or distracting yourself with your hobby or job, experiment with your abilities by applying your sensibility in the way you connect with people, write, etc.
  2. Find a balance between spending time alone and in a fast-paced environment. Isolating yourself is not healthy. Likewise, a highly stimulating environment for a prolonged time can adversely affect you emotionally and physically.
  3. Often, our minds play tricks with us. We don’t listen to our instincts. Heed your intuition when you make major decisions, while using common sense, of course.
  4. Instead of delving into spiritual books and whining about your sensitivity, focus on building your character and growing a thicker skin. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do things you’ve never done before or feared in the past. Learn new skills. Explore.
  5. If you have a highly sensitive loved one, make a conscious effort not to reject or misunderstand him or her, especially at a young age, when the core values are formed.
  6. Exercise. Master your problem-solving skills by utilizing your innate creative force. Apply your natural ability to see the big picture by solving difficult tasks. Master your ability to simplify things.
  7. Eat the Godiva and enjoy the martini. Don’t be afraid to indulge occasionally, as long as you don’t form bad habits.
  8. Examine your circle of friends. Choose people who sincerely believe in your success and encourage you. Stay away from negative, insecure people.
  9. Find an unstructured workplace environment that allows you to learn new skills, develop several roles and grow quickly. A closely supervised job or profession of routine is simply not for you.
  10. Again, avoid routine. Let yourself fall in love. Sing.  Sample different cuisine. Travel. Visit a yoga or dance class. Find new ways to stimulate your senses, so you can live your life to the fullest.