Sassique Giveaway: Bally Leather Cable Pouch

A fast life pace requires organization.

Imagine this scenario. You’re rushing. You end up pulling cables out of your purse and the rest of your belongings with them. Think about it. How many times have you lost or broken your earbuds?


I was excited to receive Bally leather travel pouch from a style curation social media platform for fashion enthusiasts Sassique (the big thank you!)

It is a perfect solution for my gadgets. I didn’t know what the company was going to send me, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to open a package and discover a nice cylindrical piece made of a fine soft leather. Simple, yet elegant, this piece fits nicely into my lifestyle.



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Even if you aren’t a technology geek, you will appreciate the Everpurse.

It’s the first wireless charger bag specifically for women.


The sleek leather or cloth purse will charge your Smartphone all day. If you leave the Everpurse on its charging mat at night, by the morning, it will be ready to charge your phone up to two times over. In nonGeek language, this means that when your phone is about to fade out or die, you can charge it very quickly by popping it in the Everpurse.

This huge convenience for busy women was designed by a very busy woman— former Chicago social worker and entrepreneur Liz Salcedo.

Finally, I just find it irresistible. It’s an attractive purse that can be used day and night. It will hold essentials and fit into a larger handbag or briefcase.

Everpurse Final-QuickTime H.264 from Everpurse on Vimeo.

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