ShopDrop: The App that Navigates Sample Sales and Discovers Amazing Brands

Hope that you all are having an exciting holiday season!

A few days ago, I had a chance to attend a shopping event where I discovered a great app that helps users navigate sample sales within New York City.

Being one of the most expensive cities in the world, New York forces people to look for discounted products, yet, finding sample sales can be frustrating and time-consuming. In addition, the brands are overloaded with an excess of products and don’t reach the right people.

The founder of ShopDrop, Estee Goldschmidt, found a great solution to these problems by creating an app that does the bargain hunting for you. After attending the event, I downloaded the app and was excited to see upcoming sample sales of La Perla, Helmut Lang, Dannijo, Marc Jacobs, John Hardy and many other of my favorite brands.

With one click of the button, I was able to send a few sample sales to my phone calendar. The app also has options to RSVP, check-in and leave comments regarding user experience. Also, within just a few clicks, you can share your favorite events via text, email them to your friends or share them across your social media platforms. Overall, I think the app is very user-friendly and useful for any budget fashionista.

Edun – one of my favorite sample sales

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$15 Etienne Aigner clutches (original price $65)


$15 Etienne Aigner clutch (original price $65)


3 Deepa Gurnani headbands for $25 (Original price around $150 each)

Miista Shoes starting at $35

Lastly, the app not only lets you enjoy savings, it allows you to discover brands which you’ve never known. Many of the sample sales also curate cause-related actions. For instance, I discovered an amazing brand Aday, which offers modern basics. It sent 10% of its proceeds from its sample sale to FabScrap, a fabric recycling company. The company also accepted unwanted or slightly used clothing to donate to Wearable Collection.

As ShopDrop grows, I’d love to see more cause-related events and collaborations. Also, I’d like to see the app curating sample sales in other fashion capitals of the world.

Happy bargain hunting!

Devil’s Dozen – Are You a Collector or a Hoarder?

Do you have a friend or family member who likes to collect things? Perhaps, you are a collector yourself? What are your treasures – art, jewelry, posters, antiques? Maybe you like designer sunglasses or bathing suits?

We all love the thrill of receiving packages in the mail. The beautiful pair of Prada shoes.
Or the handcrafted stacking bracelet that we purchase with every new memorable moment or special occasion.

It makes us feel alive and happy. We believe that we deserve it. Maybe you tell yourself that it’s investment? Then, it’s a double joy.

While it’s true that certain designer clothes and bags can be an investment, quite often our purchases get out of control.

Here are 12 red flags indicating that you should perhaps reign in your habit:

1. Your wardrobe contains new items with tags. You’ve never worn these things and you resist selling them to make space for other items.

2. Sometimes you effortlessly display pieces as part your “home décor” and share exciting purchase stories with friends and family. You also go into lengthy background about the fabric’s features, tailoring and designer. (Advice: consider using your talents in the luxury goods sales sector.)

3. A purchase from a new designer is like a new love affair. You completely dive into the designer’s world and every piece becomes precious.
4. Your clothes pile up on your sofa, bed and chairs. You are late each morning because you were not able to find your favorite Alexander McQueen dress.
5. You friend calls you a “hoarder” while helping you organize your mess.
6. You skip lunch because you were so absorbed in hunting for “precious” pieces on Ebay.
7. Receiving a package in the mail is reminiscent of Christmas. You even accidentally call the postman “Santa.”
8. Your online shopping boxes pile up in your room and you continue to trip over them.
9. You have dark circles under your eyes because you’ve spent nights shopping an online sample sale.
10. You take a risk buying clothes with a no return policy. You don’t worry about whether they will fit. You just get excited about the value and the low price.
11. You’d rather spend money on another pair of designer sunglasses than a trip to the grocery store.
12. You have serious debt problems.
Have you ever experienced any of above listed symptoms?