Black-and-White Thinking: Vermilion’s Interior Design

Black-and-white photography has a profound effect on interior design. Classy, versatile and tasteful, such photos stunningly compliment any interior space.

Black-and-white images gracing the walls of Vermilon restaurant definitely caught my eye:

Vermilion_black_and_white_photography Vermilion_interior_design_new_york interior_design_vermilion_spanish_indian_restaurantblack_and_white_photography_restaurant_interior_design interior_design_nyc black_and_white_photography_vermilion






Looking Good: How to Pose for Photos

Did Aunt Jenny’s Thanksgiving photo add 10 pounds to your physique? Next time a photo-wielding relative aims the camera, don’t panic. Learn the rules of looking great on film.

First, understand that the photo is a two-dimensional image.  Therefore, when a three-dimensional object is captured, its depth illusion decreases. This makes the overall object appear wider.  As a kid, I loved three-dimensional drawings and could effortlessly draw them.  A good, experienced photographer requires three-dimensional perception to bring out the best in a model. That said, Aunt Jenny is probably not a trained photographer.

Still, there are a few things you can do so that you don’t have to hide behind someone at the next family gathering.

  • Stop making the “duck” lips.  Embrace your beauty and make a natural soft smile.
  • Chewing gum is out.
  • If you want to look slimmer, go with navy, purple or maroon colors, rather than black. Colors look amazing on photos.
  • If you DO like black-and-white photography, wear something white. White looks terrific against a dark background.
  • Pose to make the waist slimmer by putting one or both hands on the hips. If you are trying to sell the garment, make sure that your pose does not change the actual design. BeFunky__MG_922600.jpg
White Maxi Dress. For more details click here
  • A shirt tied around the waist a-la-1990s will also make your body appear slimmer.  This is a great styling trick for achieving an effortlessly chic, casual look.how_to_pose_slimmer_style_trick_look_slimmer
  • To avoid a double chin and make the neck appear longer, pull your head forward and push your shoulders down.
  • Stand straight and twist your torso at a 30- to 45-degree angle to look slimmer.
  •  A pair of heels will slenderize.  Also, one color from head to toe will make you appear taller.Blue Overall
  • Wearing loose garments? Photos will come out fabulous if you are moving. Walk, dance, run and do whatever makes you feel great.
RMtJsL on Make A Gif, Animated GifsLinen Cape. For more details click here.
  •  Make sure you DO feel good in your skin and comfortable with the photographer even if it is Aunt Jenny. Sometimes no matter how beautiful  you look, the images do not turn out, if you are not feeling confident, or you are simply in a bad mood.

Creative Inspiration

Ethereal Dream

I am forever inspired by the work of others as well as the natural beauty that surrounds us. Rather than making a separate post for each of my inspirations today, I would rather make one post to share them with you and I hope that some of you can be inspired and get your creative juices flowing too! 





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