Let Nature Be Your Guide: Celebrating Spring with Bare Minerals in Soho, New York

Spring in New York City invigorates me. But I know wherever you are in the world, you are appreciating this season of renewal.

Ready to update your makeup bag for spring? I thought so!
Last weekend, I was invited to a fun event at the Bare Minerals Shade Shop in Soho. I learned a lot about the brand, new products and spring beauty tips from makeup experts. It was also a great opportunity to network with other bloggers, enjoy the beats by  DJ Trav and ultimately relax after a long day.

One of the products I’d particularly like to mention is 5-in-1 BB Cream Shadow. It was part of the Bare Essentials makeup bag giveaway and I absolutely fell in love with it. Containing full skin-loving ingredients, this almost virtually undetectable, light-textured cream has SPF protection and can be also used as a fantastic primer. The results are a long-lasting, fresh and natural look.

Here’s to spring and wonderful new products, fashion enthusiasts!

5_in_1_eye_shadow_bare_minerals_beauty_products_soho (1 of 2)bare_minerals_soho_natura_makeup (6 of 6)bare_minerals_soho_natura_makeup (1 of 6)7_day_skin_detox_bare_minerals_soho (3 of 3)nyc_blogger_event_dj_trav (1 of 2)bare_minerals_soho_natura_makeup (3 of 6)7_day_skin_detox_bare_minerals_soho (2 of 3)soho_shopping_blogger_event (5 of 5)

Traveling? Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Shopping Assistant


  1. Shopping is time consuming. If you are on a business trip, the professional meetings and projects remain a top priority. You have to use the time wisely. Instead of spending time researching the city’s best local shops, you may take advantage of the local personal shopper assistant-concierge. He or she can help you find gifts for your six wives or find a chic pair of shoes for your upcoming happy hour.
  2. You travel alone and have plenty of time. Find a companion who has a great eye for style and is knowledgeable about city’s best local shops. Such an assistant will take you on a voyage of unique, fun shopping excitement and ensure that you have an overall enjoyable experience in the city. Such shopping assistants are typically very knowledgeable about designers/brands. They will help you in finding the right product; in addition, they will prove to be a great educational resource regarding  designers and the history of fashion and style.
  3. You are going through a major change in your life. Occasionally, we all do. This is life. Whether it’s a career or personal life transition, you may want to update your wardrobe as well. New life. New you. Choose an assistant you can trust. A person with whom you can relax and share your struggles. A new image can make a magical change in the way you perceive yourself. Forget about the trips to psychologist. Go on a shopping tour.
  4. You’re an entrepreneur and looking for wholesale opportunities. Time constraints continue to press you. You don’t know the city. In this case, connecting with the right personal aide could save you time and money.
  5. Some personal shopper assistants serve as incredible problem-solvers. They could be interpreters to assist you on your travel. In case an airline looses a piece of luggage, a personal shopping assistant can be a lifesaver. Some of them extend their services beyond just shopping. Whether it’s sending your dress to local tailor to fix a button or finding the right business meeting site, they are a treasure trove of information. They ensure that your trip remains efficient and effective.

Silent Films and Hookah Bars: A Visit to Astoria, New York

Last week, I had the marvelous experience of visiting The Museum Of Moving Image, Astora. I delighted in the blood curdling zombies, dead bodies, optical illusion toys and numerous station games.

Cinematography’s  impact on fashion images fascinated me. Before synchronized dialogue became practical in the late 1920s, people enjoyed silent, black-and-white movies. Enormous amounts of makeup, especially in the eye area, highlighted their emotions.  This compensated for the lack of color and sound. Silent film goddesses like Greta Garbo,  Lillian GishLouise Brooks, Marlene Dietrich, and many others had style and beauty that had a significant impact on fashion images.

Lillian Gish photo: Lillian Gish lil4.png

Lillian Gish

greta garbo photo: greta garbo greta-8.gif

Greta Garbo

greta garbo photo: Greta Garbo quotTorrentquot GretaGarboinTorrent1926Seuprimeirofilmeamericano.jpg

Greta Garbo

Louise Brooks photo: Louise Brooks louise-2.jpg

Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks photo: Louise Brooks louise-14.png

Louise Brooks

dietrich photo: marlene dietrich dietrich-1.gif

Marlene Dietrich

dietrich photo: marlene dietrich dietrich.gif

Marlene Dietrich

The museum’s spacious, contemporary interior design is simply stunning. The  1960s sci-fi style aesthetics, reminiscent of a spaceship, and the fun, educational activities, make the whole Moving Image world unforgettable.

And, this is the icing on the cake. If you’re a Mediterranean foodie  like me, don’t forget to check out the venues in that area, including the mysterious hookah bars, enchanting Egyptian restaurants and delicious Oriental bakery. It’s a perfect way to complete the museum experience.

I Want To Be a Part of It — New York

Bright, exciting, intense, vibrant, sensible. New York City at its best.

I moved here almost four months ago. I made a good decision. Leaving a comfort zone for a more intense environment has made me content. The intensity, and the electrifying infusion of culture and art, make this a unique city.

I’ve moved a few times since I arrived. Finally, I have found an apartment that I love. I have a gigantic office table, and a large rack with countless hangers― something I have missed.

While moving around, I met Americans from various regions, as well international residents. Prior to moving to New York, I knew people with a strong connection to this city, but they elsewhere for various reasons. I interviewed many of them and I want to share their impressions of the city.

“My first three years living in New York city was like running a marathon. It’s an extremely competitive place where everyone follows his or her dreams. Everyone is  running, everyone pushes himself or herself. You don’t want to be behind.” a beauty consultant and filmmaker from California.


Brooklyn Bridge

“Sometimes it’s a challenge to make people to participate in a questionnaire. But I don’t take the rejections personally. I am a New Yorker.”interviewer from 1,000 Fortune company in Manhattan.

“You either can end up on the top of Manhattan’s roofs or in the bottom of the city. You have to be very careful”a taxi driver from Middle East.


High Line, NYC

“The first months can be extremely challenging in New York. Hang in there and don’t go back.” Entrepreneur at a meet-up for professionals.

 “I would never live in New York. My trips here are solely for business purposes. It’s extremely intense here.”a woman-entrepreneur in her 40s, buyer from Trinidad.

“I’ve been in NYC now for just more than a year and I was placed here for work. Initially, I lived between NYC and London. I gave up my friends and London lifestyle to be here and had a hard time of it to start with. It can be an intimidating city, but people are very friendly. Finding affordable housing was tough and while here I changed jobs so my work stopped paying for my rent, which was a massive shock to find it myself with no credit! My new job sorted out my visa and I decided I would stay here for good. No matter how tough it is out here I love it and I have been here for more than six years now. The art/music/food/people/diversity – everything makes it kind of magical. There is always a party somewhere and everyone’s invited. I am constantly falling back in love with the city and hope I keep doing it for as long as I live here. “entrepreneur, advertising industry.

“I think there is no other place like New York. It’s challenging and can be cruel, stinky and disgusting at times but it’s also extremely powerful, fascinating and beautiful. There is special energy in the city that compensates for annoying train rides and tourists. And I hate winters here.”photographer, former programmer.


Pier 11/Wall Street


“New York is all about movement. You pay a premium for space in every capacity. And although there are millions around you are more alone than in any other city.” – vice president of real estate company, Miami

What was your experience of living in New York? Have you ever thought about moving to this city?


Charging Bull, which is sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull.
Artist: Arturo Di Modica


Soho, New York


The Statue Of Liberty, NYC

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Columbus Circle, Central Park

Columbus Circle, Central Park





Sanford Biggers’ Blossom, Brooklyn Museum


Pier 11 / Wall St.

Photo Story: Rooftops, Galleries, Dancing Buddha Monk, And More…

I hope you all enjoying your weekend! Going through all my oldies, I thought I would  share some of them.  Enjoy!


Ship of Tolerance in the front of Brooklyn Bridge during Dumbo Arts Festival 2013 in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Bridge, NYC


Rooftops – the best way to ogle Manhattan’s spectacular skylines.


Rooftops – a home to some of the most stylish parties and NYC shopping experience. A great place to discover new, emerging designers.


My First Purchase: L’Officiel Fall-Winter 2013/2014 Collections


Exquisite vintage sunglasses at Brooklyn Flea Market.


Vintage luggage / travel bags.


Lego cuff links, Brooklyn flea market.


Androgynous female blonde in the streets of Manhattan.


Black and white / vintage photography in Central Park, NYC.


Soho: Tiffany & Co.


Graffiti wall in the streets of Manhattan.


Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts: Perhaps these girls are waiting for the next class to start…


Dancing Buddha Monk.


A place that offers an amazing selection of unusual original vintage posters.


Five Ways to Motivate Your Employees, or Why Your Organization’s Style Is As Valuable As Its Image


Your budget is tight when you are growing a business. You probably want to retain talented employee at a low cost. Therefore, the company image is extremely important in attracting the right talent.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Even when a company invests time and money on perfecting its image, if the internaorganizational culture does not  motivate its people, there are dire consequences. The organization will be prone to high employee turnover and bad word-of-mouth advertising. In turn, this proves quite expensive in the long run. The most successful companies create an environment whereby their employees achieve maximum productivity. True talent is not only motivated by monetary rewards, but a sense of common purpose. Clearly, positive word-of-mouth advertising from happy employees has a greater impact on long-term marketing communication. Here are five ways to motivate your employees:

  1. Common purpose. A lack of common purpose can adversely affect your business in the long run. You may have a good product and talented employees; however,  if they don’t share common values and beliefs, the interaction among themselves will adversely  affect the internal process of the business. It doesn’t matter if these individuals have diverse cultural backgrounds and industry experiences. Your company must identify the common values, which unite the employees. Focus on the core values, which are positive, inspirational and sustainable in the long run. Fortunately, these are your personal values and beliefs. You must inspire your employees by example. Your management style is ultimately a reflection of your organization and an essential extension of your brand.
  2. Empower, think ahead and see a bigger picture. Empower your employees by making your organization shine. Small businesses use micromanagement. Sometimes this practice increases performance in small tasks. However,  it also blinds employees and forces them to miss the bigger picture. You don’t need to micromanage self-motivated, independent and ambitious individuals. Think bigger, have vision and empower your employees. Hierarchy is an old school concept; it is extremely inefficient in today’s digital age.
  3. Have fun together. Together, plan educational activities that are relevant to your industry. Travel industry? Fly to Napa Valley together for a wine tasting. Fashion and apparel industry? Visit a New York Garment District for a tour or go to a fashion event. You will find numerous fun and interesting things.
  4. Share. Once in a while, share inspirational  articles or book recommendations that highlight industry perspectives.
  5. Let your employees learn new skills. Talented people have a constant desire to develop new skills. In encouraging unity among your teammates, help them to learn from each other. This will satisfy their  need to discover new things and positively affect the organization’s efficiency.

Share your ideas about motivating employees!

Ten Must-Have Productivity Apps for Fashion Bloggers

As a fashion blogger, you focus on time management, while staying on top of trends and creating a great visual presentation for your blog. In addition to all the social media apps on your smartphone, here are 10 apps that will inspire you and increase your productivity:

1. Flipboard

I absolutely love this app and use it every morning while drinking my coffee. It’s a really great combo – caffeine and new information – that energizes me and instantly makes me a nice person in the morning. Flipboard allows you to customize your daily social media reading in magazine format. It is a very efficient tool whereby you can stay informed about the top celebrity news, as well as fashion and technology trends. Here, you also can connect your favorite blogs, as well as updates from other social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Instapaper

Riding the subway every morning? Save a few interesting articles to the instapaper app. This app’s amazing feature allows you to access your articles without the Internet.

3. Style.com
If you love fashion, Style.com is one of the greatest apps to stay informed about trends, in addition to current and emerging designers. Every fashionista needs this application.

4. Polyvore
This is an addicting social media networking app, which allows you to discover trends, create style sets and share them with fans, fashonistas, interior designers and artists around the globe. Industry players will also appreciate its advertising potential.

5. Animoto
This awesome app creates a video at the speed of light via your mobile device.

6. PicCollage
With this terrific app, you can quickly craft mood boards and collages with images instantaneously . You can customize the background, frame and effects. Then, share your creations with your fans.

7. Dropbox
High-resolution pictures are easily managed with this application. You can safely and securely store and share images with your teammates and friends. The images are shared privately and you control accessibility.

8. Instaquote
Now you can create stylish quotes and instantly share them via Twitter or Instagram. You can also save them in Dropbox.

9. Fashion Network
Watch fabulous fashion shows from New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles and the Miami Fashion Weeks by using this app.

10. Pinterest
An extremely user-friendly application for marketing your work, Pinterest also provides visual inspiration and styling ideas. Collect beautiful images, create your own boards and share them with your fans!

What are your favorite smartphone apps that you use on a daily basis?


High Line: A Hidden Runway In New York City

High Line: A Hidden Runway In New York CityHigh Line: A Hidden Runway In New York CityHigh Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line: A Hidden Runway In New York CityIMG_6747High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line High Line