Treasured Home Possessions


We all have few home items we consider absolute necessities.


Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to identify these, because I’m constantly on the move. Therefore, I try to keep things as simple and utilitarian as possible.


I treasure items that remind me of my past experiences.


For example, I lived in Italy for a while and I miss the aromas of homemade espresso and fresh basil from the balcony.


In most Italian homes, a Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker graces the kitchen counter. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to most espresso machines. I bought one when I returned to the states and I use it almost every day. Nothing is more enjoyable than the aroma of quality coffee first thing in the morning.

Another Part Of Me: Bialetti Expresso Maker


I love taking a sip from my favorite cup. I bought this one online. It’s modern, sleek and functional. 




My CB2 Skyline Desk Organizer also is an essential. It holds pens, pencils and even a phone. I love its sleek architectural design.



One of my friend-entrepreneurs gave me a lovely gift — Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook — that I keep on my coffee table. She believes (and she is correct) that the best ideas come at during happy hour. She recounted how she developed a business opportunity with a partner by jotting notes down on a napkin.


 Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook

Another home décor piece I love is a gigantic, chic antique mirror with shelves attached to a fireplace. Made from walnut, it has an insanely fascinating design.

I never was into antique furniture. I always preferred the modern design. Yet, when I look at  this mirror, I imagine the craftsmanship, the stories behind it and its hidden history.



What are your treasured possessions?