I like this  Chalayan trench, which I often use to complete an effortless, sporty look. The fabric, made up of 100% waterproof polyester, makes this trench perfect for rainy days. Although it has a belt, I like to wear it unbuttoned to show off the avant-garde architectural shape. Hussein Chalayan, a British/Turkish Cypriot fashion designer, is incredibly innovative; he found inspiration in art, science and architecture. I absolutely love his designs. Some of them are so modern and wearable, others are simply fantastic pieces of art.

I like to wear a sporty look lately throughout the week. Side-striped pants,  combined with sporty wedges,  give a ready-for-action, modern look.

What do you think of incorporating sports into your wardrobe?

russian_fashion_blogger_nyc_tuxedo_pans_chalayan chalayan_puma_fashion_blogger sport_trend_2014_blogger_fashion tuxedo_pants_trend russian_blogger_chalayan_tuxedo_pants


In this post, I’d like to share things I learned while studying in Italy and working as a shopping assistant. Incorporating trendy pieces into the wardrobe and shopping at a fast fashion retail is fun. Yet, you must consider investing in quality pieces as well. I mean classic, timeless basics. These garments have  high-quality tailoring that compliment your body shape, as well as your personal style. Each basic must be practical and versatile for day and evening. Here are 10 items every woman must own. Splurge on these items, even if  you have a tight budget.

Trench coat. Invest in a great quality trench coat. I recommend Burberry with its distinctive tartan pattern lining. Company founder Thomas Burberry designed this item.Trench

Leather jacket. Splurge on a great leather jacket. Loewe, Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid, is world-famous for its leather craftsmanship. Its clients have clothes and accessories tailored to their own personal requirements. Also, you can find great quality leather jacket at good value at

Leather Jacket


Striped shirt. Traditional striped cotton shirts (“La Mariniere” or Breton shirt) originated in Brittany, France. Sailors wore these uniforms throughout Northern France. The distinctive block pattern on shirt made them easier to spot in the waves. The traditional Breton shirt usually has a boat neckline. The uniforms inspired Coco Chanel and she introduced the design through her nautical collection in 1917. For more information about Chanel click here. For info on how to pull off a stripe look click here. STRIPES

Little black dress. Coco Chanel also designed a timeless classic piece that every woman must have. The little black dress is worn during the day and evening.


BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1981): Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy LBD

Capri or cropped pants. Numerous celebrities, including Audrey Hepburn, Jane Russell, Kim Novak, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, wore the capri. They were designed by the Sonja de Lennart. She named those pants after her favorite holiday destination ― an island on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy.


SABRINA (1954) Audrey Hepburn in capri designed by Sonja de Lennart

Pant Suit/Skirt Suit. Based on your body shape, you must have a pant suit or skirt suit. Avoid buying yours in fast-fashion retail strips. I can instantly recognize a cheap product from a high-quality tailored one. A great suit is timeless and worth of splurge. I personally recommend choosing from Hugo Boss, Emporio/Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Costume National or Calvin Klein.

Balenciaga SS 2013

Balenciaga SS 2013

T-Shirt. You must have at least one high-quality designer T-Shirt. This item will go through multiple washings but always look like new. A great T-shirt gives a youthful touch to any outfit and can be combined with other basics. Choose one that can be worn during the  day and evening.


Street Fashion: Givenchy

Pencil Skirt. The right pencil skirt flatters any body shape when combined with the right pieces. Choose one that has  a lining, which indicates quality, especially in suits and pencil skirts.

Pencil Skirt

A pair of jeans. No commentary needed. You must have a pair of great fitting jeans.


White Shirt. If you purchase the right one, a classic button-down shirt looks amazing. It is necessary, however, to choose a high-quality fabric and a style that has a well-tailored design that compliments your body shape. It’s a versatile piece. Pair it with jeans and it’s polished and casual. Wear it with a pencil skirt and high heels for a chic office look. Accessories and jewelry will change the appearance of just one simple classic shirt. Click here for more details.

white shirt

Using Red Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

We try to balance fast-paced careers with a strong family life. Inevitably, this creates stress.

Some women choose high-pressure lifestyles. The corporate world or entrepreneurship is exciting and rewarding. Still, it can take a toll on the looks.

Looking fresh and young creates an important first impression, which is an essential element for success. We all need to learn to take care of ourselves continually.

So… here you are… waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror. You say, “Is it me?!”

Stress affects the skin at any age. It generates sagging, wrinkling, excessive oiliness and enlarged pores.

I try everything new on the market. Recently, I’ve started to use red light therapy, which uses bulbs to emit rays that deeply penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen. The results are noticeable immediately. Ah, don’t you love technology? This is an amazing solution for my skin and my rollercoaster lifestyle.

Today, I applied the product Beauty Angel red light therapy cosmetic Focus FORTIFIED SERUM during a red light sessions. This product, which is especially great if you have dry or sensitive skin, increases the affect of red lights.

I’m a believer. Stay strong and beautiful!

Beauty Angel


Zara Lookbook Fall 2013


today’s closetcast: empty wallet ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I just love the new Zara lookbook for Fall.

The Trafaluc collection is so reminiscent of the 90s and reminds me of back issues of Seventeen magazine when I was a tween. The granny length floral dresses, lace slip dresses, and ankle boots resemble a more refined and updated version of the wardrobe from my favorite television show when I was young, ‘My So-Called Life’.

The suiting in the Zara collection is gorgeous. The boxy swing jackets and pleated skirts seem reminiscent of Chloe collections from seasons past. While it’s never fun to have an entire closet full of clothing from one store, it will be hard to resist picking up many pieces from this Fall assortment!

What do you guys think of it?

Images courtesy of Zara

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Confessions of a Stylist, Or Collaborating with Photographers

PhotographerAs a stylist, I work with photographers with varying expertise and personalities; each has his or her own stylistic preferences.

If a photographer adds a good stylist to his or her team, the images will be superior.  Quality is guaranteed if the two professionals have a strong connection. For this reason, online stores and media organizations must ensure that the photographer works well with the stylist. The results will have an impact on the overall company. Trust me.

Unfortunately, quite often, companies underestimate the value of incorporating a stylist on the team. Or the company simply cuts corners financially.

Don’t get me wrong, a photographer with a good eye and extensive industry experience is crucial. He or she brings out the model’s best facial features, body and overall personality. A seasoned photographer has innovative ideas about scenery and background. He or she may even take a risk and experiment by creating a visual story.  This requires tremendous imagination and judgment, especially if the photographer creates a story for a magazine spread or a designer’s look book.

Honestly, however, it is rare that the photographer has all these positive qualities.  Imagination may be present. But perhaps the company’s message is not paramount.  It is essential to create an image, which communicates the core values of the brand and designer.

I will tell you a secret.

The photographer is rarely aware of trends and fashion history. The photographer seldom has retail experience. Usually, a  traditional professional lacks commercial awareness of the apparel and suddenly attempts to produce fashion images.

The  results are not favorable.

For this reason, the magazines, online stores and outlets that use print media (produce catalogs) hire stylists.  A competent stylist must have a vision of the final image. He or she foresees the final results. A well-rounded, well-educated stylist has a greater ability to communicate the message using images. Imagination is significant. However, sound judgment wins in the end because the final results must convey a message that consumers easily interpret and remember.

A sound stylist knows photography trends and can influence an amateur photographer in editing and retouching. He or she can create impressive results from amateur work. Likewise, a good photographer can save an amateur stylist.  Both collaborate on the final results and lead the models and other artists― makeup professionals, as well as hair stylists.

On a side note, hair stylists and makeup artists are able to advance into a stylist career, if they continue to learn about fashion images, trends and fashion history. There is so much to learn.  A stylist must have an authentic passion to discover all these things to be a successful.  There is no ceiling.

I can share a few horror stories.

I watched a wedding makeup artist without any fashion industry awareness suddenly start pushing the limits and try to be a fashion makeup artist.  It turned into an awful mess.

It’s great to try something different. But you have to naturally have an interest for the arts and fashion or you simply must collaborate with a stylist. If you don’t naturally love fashion, stick to your strength. Focus on your niche market and do your best.

I also observed a situation where a hairstylist didn’t take into consideration the garment’s features or the talent and skill around her.  Lack of collaboration, ego and absence of basic leadership skills adversely affected the final results.

As artists we sometimes focus on our own ego and sometimes forget to collaborate and listen to each other. Practice and learn as much as possible in your field.  Always strive for learning opportunities from the other person.

Imitate in a way that contributes to the improvement of your existing strengths.

Don’t try to be somebody you are not. Don’t forget to have fun! The positive attitude of each teammate will only produce more quality work.

Share your stories of working on a team! Any horror or inspirational stories?


Minimalist White Dress

Martin Margiela

Dress: Maison Martin Margiela
Shoes: BCBG (BCBGeneration) Cynthia Clear Pump
Purse: Nine West
Sunglasses: Nau!

Martin Margiela Dress Martin Margiela Dress Martin Margiela