Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Dear friends and fashionistas,

I hope you all had an amazing summer and are looking forward to fall with its wonderful holidays, joy and inspiration.

Great news! Last week, Sweet Magnolia Chic blogger Marcy B. who nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.



Here are the rules…

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– Answer 10 questions.


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Now I nominate:

April Nunez

A Spoonful Of Style

Filippa Levemarks

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The Fashion Huntress

Camilla Delacoe

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The Fashion Dress


Here my answers to Marcy’s questions:

1. Where do find inspiration?

Everywhere. Lately, I am particularly inspired by trends from various fields, including technology and business. I like to connect the dots and foresee what will happen next. The future fascinates me.

 2. Who is your biggest role model?

American designer Alexander Wang. I love his aesthetics, yet he also inspires me as a person. This designer, despite his global renown, decided to work for French fashion house Balenciaga. This move, including his upcoming collaboration with H&M, is inspirational. I think no matter how great you are, there is always an opportunity to stretch and grow. There is no ceiling.

 3. What is your favorite movie?

“The Hunger Games.”

4. Most embarrassing moment, or outfit?!

I fell off a motorcycle in front of everyone during riding practice class. It was quite ego bruising.

5. Name one place in the world you hope to go one day.

Morocco. Moroccan design aesthetics fascinate me. Quite often, I imagine myself there enjoying the local food, music festivals and discovering products produced by local artisans.

 6. What is your favorite Disney movie?

“The Jungle Book.”

 7. Favorite trend for the fall?

Knits. I am craving cozy, yet chic items this season.

 8. What is your most favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving Day. It’s a great time to express gratitude for what we have. I’ve learned that it’s so important to have appreciation and not take things for granted. Especially people who love us. And, of course, I love all the delicious food that the holiday has to offer. I can also make a great traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey! 🙂

 9. What is one item of clothing you can’t live without?

Leather jacket.

 10. Chocolate, or vanilla?

Chocolate, of course.


Here are my questions:

1. Where do you find inspiration?

2. If you would have an opportunity to have a lunch with an influential / famous person, who it would be?

3. Who is your favorite designer(s)?

4. What is your most annoying habit?

5. What is your favorite item at home?

6. Are you a night owl or morning person?

7. What is the most memorable moment from your favorite movie?

8. What is the last book you read?

9. Which is your favorite quote?

10. What song best describes you?

Have an awesome weekend!


Leather, Leather, Leather!

What do you think of woman who wears the same leather jacket to the office, the PTA meeting and the theater?

I believe women entrepreneurs can combine conservative clothes with leather apparel to make a bold statement. She is a woman who makes calculated risks. She embraces her both masculine and feminine sides.

I love leather.

As a teenager in Russia, I wore it as a rebellious statement. A few years later, I moved to the United States to earn my bachelor’s degree. During this time, I was coordinating leather apparel for a large company. I developed a lot of product knowledge and networked with a number of interesting, successful people. The years passed and I moved on to earn my master of business administration degree. I still had a keen interest in this clothing niche.

Fiasco Magazine July/August 2010 Masha Z. by Pino Gomes

Corinna Ingenleuf Dons Rebellious Style for Mark Kean's Sleek Shoot

Marie Claire Editorial Marie Claire-The Leather Principle, October...

Kati Nescher Dons Leather Looks for Vogue China's August 2012 Cover...

Just recently, I attended a Milwaukee gala with people of different age and professional demographics. The women wore leather jackets and blazers. I even spotted formal leather dresses. Imagine. They were not rebellious teenagers, bikers or rock stars. These women  were conservative professionals.

Many people perceive leather as the epitome of sexiness or rebellion. The fact is that it is the current fashion trend. It’s seen on catwalks of New York, Milan, Paris and London. In fact, every top designer has a leather outfit in his or her 2012-2013 collections.

What started as a trend by punks with limited cash in the 1970s has emerged into a present-day lady-like trend for professional, feminine women.

Corinna Ingenleuf Dons Rebellious Style for Mark Kean's Sleek Shoot

Lover Offers Lace and Leather for its Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


Kati Nescher Dons Leather Looks for Vogue China's August 2012 Cover...

I am not a teenager any longer. Yet, my closet still has plenty of leather – from gloves to jackets. I like to mix it with conservative clothes, such as white shirts, closed toe shoes and pencil skirts.

It’s like having the de rigueur little black dress in your wardrobe. Leather outerwear is a “must-have” classic that will never go out of style.

Do you have a leather jacket? How do you like to wear it?