Five Ways to Motivate Your Employees, or Why Your Organization’s Style Is As Valuable As Its Image


Your budget is tight when you are growing a business. You probably want to retain talented employee at a low cost. Therefore, the company image is extremely important in attracting the right talent.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Even when a company invests time and money on perfecting its image, if the internaorganizational culture does not  motivate its people, there are dire consequences. The organization will be prone to high employee turnover and bad word-of-mouth advertising. In turn, this proves quite expensive in the long run. The most successful companies create an environment whereby their employees achieve maximum productivity. True talent is not only motivated by monetary rewards, but a sense of common purpose. Clearly, positive word-of-mouth advertising from happy employees has a greater impact on long-term marketing communication. Here are five ways to motivate your employees:

  1. Common purpose. A lack of common purpose can adversely affect your business in the long run. You may have a good product and talented employees; however,  if they don’t share common values and beliefs, the interaction among themselves will adversely  affect the internal process of the business. It doesn’t matter if these individuals have diverse cultural backgrounds and industry experiences. Your company must identify the common values, which unite the employees. Focus on the core values, which are positive, inspirational and sustainable in the long run. Fortunately, these are your personal values and beliefs. You must inspire your employees by example. Your management style is ultimately a reflection of your organization and an essential extension of your brand.
  2. Empower, think ahead and see a bigger picture. Empower your employees by making your organization shine. Small businesses use micromanagement. Sometimes this practice increases performance in small tasks. However,  it also blinds employees and forces them to miss the bigger picture. You don’t need to micromanage self-motivated, independent and ambitious individuals. Think bigger, have vision and empower your employees. Hierarchy is an old school concept; it is extremely inefficient in today’s digital age.
  3. Have fun together. Together, plan educational activities that are relevant to your industry. Travel industry? Fly to Napa Valley together for a wine tasting. Fashion and apparel industry? Visit a New York Garment District for a tour or go to a fashion event. You will find numerous fun and interesting things.
  4. Share. Once in a while, share inspirational  articles or book recommendations that highlight industry perspectives.
  5. Let your employees learn new skills. Talented people have a constant desire to develop new skills. In encouraging unity among your teammates, help them to learn from each other. This will satisfy their  need to discover new things and positively affect the organization’s efficiency.

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