My Style Agenda, Summer 2015


Hi everyone,

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer!!

I’m sure you all have a summer to-do list. I hope it includes fun and awesome activities, such as travel, picnics with friends and loved ones, hair salon trips for your new look, and, of course, shopping for your favorite brands!

I’ll share with you what’s on mine:

  1. About Face. I intend to try as many vegan beauty products as possible. I’ve already discovered the online service . For only $15 per month, you receive a box of four vegan beauty products. Some of them are samples and others are full sized. I received my first box. I’m very happy about it and can’t wait to receive my next one. I’ll certainly review these in future posts.  petit_vour_vegan_products_beauty_box_samples
  2. Zen Presence. Sign up for yoga and meditation classes.
  3. Sports Appeal. Hunt for athletic-inspired pieces I absolutely love this mega trend. Chic side-striped pants made of satin, floral jacquard sweatshirts, elegant minimalist backpacks, glamorous jumpsuit with a drawstring that adds a casual touch…Currently, both slow and fast fashion offer a wide range of product choices.athlitic_pants_long_jacket (18 of 18)
  4. Network Effects. Invest more time on quality networking by attending events and joining social groups.
  5. Drink to your Health. Stop drinking soda and replace it with iced Calypso Green – coconut and pineapple flavored green tea.IMG_8759IMG_8754
  6. Day Trip. Make a quick getaway from the city.new_york_getaway_weekend_trip_summer_blogging
  7. Hobby. I recently enrolled in an Advanced Fashion Illustration Class. I absolutely enjoy taking my drawing skills to the next level. Stepping away from computer and meeting creative people is quite refreshing. 

Australian Fashion Illustrator and Stylist Rachell Khoo Reveals Fashion Secrets and More

Rachell Khoo was kind enough to stop by Styling on the Edge to talk about creativity, travel and fashion.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a menswear stylist and a fashion illustrator. Being in the fashion industry was God’s will in my life. Each career path somehow lead me to it. I earned a degree in advertising, yet the first art direction competition I won was during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. For three years, I worked for a couple of fashion and art magazines. Last year, I was privileged to learn from Akira Isogawa, one of Australia’s top designers. This year, I founded my own menswear retailer, Chivalry Menswear, which I’m launching in a couple weeks.

2. How would you describe your work?

In terms of my styling, I believe that glimpses of identity can be expressed through the details of what you wear. As far as my fashion illustrations, I aspire to create wearable art.

3. Where do you get ideas and inspirations?

My illustrations are inspired by God’s finest workmanship — nature. We can never mimic it’s beauty, yet the inspiration it provides is endless. The changes of seasons, the birth-to-death cycle, growth, detailed leaf veins, curves and textures, each rock’s colors and tones, wood grain, dew, flower and vine. I could go on forever.


4. Tell us about your country/city/culture. What inspires you?

I was born and raised on the island Penang in Malaysia. Yet, I spent most of my youth in Australia. So, Sydney is my home. Living in a country that mostly consists of different ethnicities is wonderful. There’s so much richness in terms of cultures providing learning experiences.

5. If you’d currently have opportunity to travel to any place in the world, what that place would be?

Paris. It’s the fashion capital, after all.

6. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge related to creative work, and how do you overcome it?

A challenge to me is the best way to break out of the norm; it provides a great opportunity to learn.


7. What does fashion mean to you?

An expression of identity with a twist of creativity.


8. Do you have any tips for fashion illustrators?

Be fearless in expressing your creativity with your personal distinct style of illustrating.

You can follow Rachel at the following sites:

Instagram @rachellkhoo

Twitter @rachellkhoo


Website (Public launch on May 1, 2014)


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