Top Five Beauty Products I Use

Fashion and beauty gurus, please share the top five beauty products you absolutely require. I am certainly up to trying new products and would be happy to get recommendations and expert advice.

Here are my favorite products.

Product No. 1

Lush bombs.

I adore these products made form fresh fruits and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. They are perfect for special occasions, especially if you have a sensitive skin. They smell delicious and leave the skin extremely soft.


Lush Bombs!


Product No. 2

Olay 4 -in-1 Combination/Oily Daily Facial Cloths.

These facial cloths are amazing for travel and your daily cosmetic routine. Ideal for combination and oily skin, each facial cloth includes the cleansing power of a liquid cleanser, toner, mask and scrub to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate your skin. My skin is extremely sensitive to facial scrubs. Therefore, the exfoliating function of these cloths works perfectly for my skin. You will notice the positive results immediately.



Product No. 3

“They’re real” Mascara.

I’ve tried many different mascara brands. Currently, I use “They’re real!” by Benefit. The natural-looking effect is fabulous. It is now my favorite.

benefit_they_are_real_mascara_bestProduct No. 4

Chanel Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Pink

This long-lasting, light textured blush is perfect for a natural look. It’s a bit pricey, but it can last for up to one year. Four dollars a month for a radiant face is worth it. Of all the many products that I have ever used, Chanel cosmetics remain my favorite.


Product No. 5

Dr. Brandt® Laser a-peel® System.

Again, scrubs don’t work on my skin. I prefer to use this product instead of traditional scrubs that cause my skin to break out. It’s a perfect exfoliating system, especially if you use red light treatments or laser therapies.