My Wish List: Designer Shoes For Up To 70% Off

1. MARC JACOBS metallic closed-toe slip-ons $160 – yoox
2. BALENCIAGA two-tone sandals with sculpted heel $315 – yoox
3. EMPORIO ARMANI techno fabric ankle boots $149 – yoox
4. DSQUARED2 wooden heel kidskin sandals $135 – yoox
5. COSTUME NATIONAL red closed-toe slip-ons w/ narrow toe line. $175 – yoox
6. JIL SANDER leather closed-toe slip-ons $195 – yoox
7. MARC JACOBS ankle boots $165 – yoox
8. ALEXANDER WANG ankle boots $149 – yoox
9. EMPORIO ARMANI sandals $139 – yoox

Note: Yoox has an extremely limited quantity of the above products. Sometimes the clearance items get sold out very quickly.  Also, note, that those are European sizes; therefore, they tend to run a half size to one full size smaller than U.S. sizes.

Happy Shopping and enjoy your weekend!

Diving into Summer with the Right Swim Suit for your Body

Let’s face it.

Not all of us have a Victoria Secret Angel body.  You may have a plus-size body. Or, you may be thin, and athletic, and lack a perfect hourglass shape. You might want to hide scars. Maybe you want to shift the gaze from very small breasts.

I know the story well. You walk into the swimwear section and feel frustrated. You feel less than enthusiastic about the beach.  You come up with excuses, and deny  yourself a good time.

My body is slightly imperfect. I have narrow teenage-like hips, and long, somewhat skinny legs. I have strong shoulders that are a bit larger than my hips, and an above-average breast size.  A strong mix of masculine and feminine.  For swimwear, I love pastel or white shorts to visually make my hips larger, and add a bit of  femininity to my body.  The trick is simple.  Lighter shades visually enlarge, while darker colors slim the body.  Also, pay attention to prints. Horizontal prints widen, while diagonal, and vertical lines make the body look slimmer.

A great tan also flatters. If you are against indoor tanning sessions, or generally avoid extensive sun exposure, use bronzer. I love protective tanning lotions with a bronzer and shimmer.  If you use indoor tanning, don’t forget to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration, and  combine tanning sessions with red light therapy to rejuvenate, and tone your skin.

I also love shopping online for Victoria Secret’s swimming suits by using their Beach Sexy Bikini Mixer tool. It allows mixing and matching tops and bottoms to custom perfect suit. Great news is that  their swim collection is available both through iPad and iPhone apps; which is awesome, considering the fact that lately I prefer iPad and iPhone to the desktop.

VS SWIM TOURRecently I had the opportunity to attend Victoria’s Secret U.S. of Angels Summer Tour in Milwaukee and interview Erin Heatherton.  For more information about the event, click here.  For insights, including the interview with Erin, click here.

Here are few more tips on how to choose the right swim suit:

  • Large thighs and hips? Don’t despair. Celebrate your feminine look by using glamorous sarongs or skirted bottoms.
  • Not every one-piece swimming suit will make you look slimmer in the waist area, unless it has an optical illusion print, vertical lines, or skirt attached.  Instead, go for monokinis.
  • If you have strong shoulders, show them off! Go for thin straps or a totally strapless look. Strong shoulders are sexy.  Embrace them.
  • If you breasts are small, instead of padding, you might want to try a top with ruffles, one of the hottest trends of this season.
  • Petite women will look super chic in retro-inspired high-waisted bottoms.
  • If you have a plus-size body, choose a one-piece swimming suit with a deep V-cut.  Use a chic cover-up for your sunny getaway. There are so many options available online and at local retail stores.
  • Above all, embrace your body and be confident! You are unique. There is no one like you. You are beautiful!


Linen-Linen-Linen! How To Choose and Wear a Linen Garment

Summers, particularly in Milwaukee, can be extremely hot and humid. Growing up in dry Western Siberia, I can barely tolerate mugginess. You might think that hot weather sounds nice, but I like the words starting with “c”—  cool, calm and comfy.

I pull this off in a Milwaukee summer by wearing linen.

I confess that there was a time I avoided linen, because I preferred practical and wrinkle-free clothes.  I always believed that wrinkles created a bad impression.

My Italy travels changed my mind. I saw that wrinkled linen looks quite chic, modern and effortless.

I like to wear this Alexander Wang (T Alexander Wang collection) cape during summer festivals and weekend trips to Lake Michigan beaches. It is made of a blend of linen and tencel.  I discovered that the latter is another natural fabric, which is extremely soft. As linen, it keeps the skin dry. It’s particularly wonderful for sensitive skin.  I’ve also discovered that tencel is resistant to wrinkles; therefore, the  blend with linen produces a less wrinkled, and a slightly thicker fabric, which feels very nice.

If you are still scared of wearing a linen garment, here is my advice:

1. Instead of choosing 100% linen garments, go for fabric blends. Make sure that that the other component is made from a natural fiber, as well, or the magic benefits of linen will be significantly lessened.  Look for silk, cotton, tencel, or ramie.

2. Choose monotone fabrics with an emphasis on design. Linen garments that feature a loose fit and haute design look best.

3. Linen garments look best when combined with clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, wool, etc. Although denim is rarely made of 100% natural fibers lately, it will go well with a linen garment, as well.

4. Give preference to accessories made from genuine leather, natural fibers and natural materials.

5. Avoid pairing loose linen garments with another loose piece. For instance, if you wear linen harem pants, don’t wear them with baggy T-shirt, otherwise you’ll end up having a loose, trampy look. Not good at all.  Instead, pair them with a  cropped top or slightly tight T-shirt.  Counterbalance loose garments by showing off the best features of your body.

For more info about Alexander Wang, and my perspective on designer click here.

Do you like to wear linen? What is your opinion on the wrinkled look?

Linen-Linen-Linen! How To Choose and Wear a Linen Garment

 Linen Cape By T Alexander Wang


What’s in your Closet?

Is there any particular brand you can’t imagine your wardrobe without? A brand that you wear all the time, no matter what the trends are?

Personally, I love Alexander Wang. His T by Alexander Wang collection serves me well for leisure wear. His major line is appropriate for office wear with its minimalistic, slightly androgynous style. His footwear is always edgy and chic. Alexander Wang rarely uses prints. His focus is high-quality fabric and fantastic tailoring. His characteristic minimalism, peppered with an urban and futuristic flair, creates a new, fresh perspective on modern luxury.

Tell me about the brands you’ve closeted.

Alexander Wang

5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

We all have our favorite wardrobe pieces, which fit perfectly and flatter our bodies. Yet, even a beautiful piece can become boring and outdated. In this case, I personally love to purchase new accessories or mix my favorite outfit with new trends for an instant updated look. The great thing is, unlike decades ago when mixing different trends was a fashion faux pas, today’s fashion enthusiasts consider it standard. It can also save you a tremendous amount of money.

So, if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe without breaking a bank account, here are a few things you might want to consider purchasing:

Bib necklace. These jewelry items were very popular back in the 1960s. Today, you can find them in almost every vintage store for just a few bucks.

aquaskye: February 2013

aquaskye: February 2013

Pointed toe pumps. This is probably one of my favorite trends. They instantly give a feminine touch to any formal professional attire. If you are a big fan of androgynous fashion, mixing masculine clothes with pointed toe pumps creates a very chic, modern look.
Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013

Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013

Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013

Duffle bag. A duffle bag can instantly update your outfit as well.
Everyone's wearing...the Saint Laurent Duffle Bag - Celebrity Fashion...

Beanie hat!! Ah, I absolutely love this trend. The right beanie hat can instantly update your look and erase years, if it is mixed with the right clothes. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with formal wear, such as blazers, oversized coats and pointed toe pumps for a chic, modern look.

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Backstage BCBG Max Azria

Oversized coat/jacket. This trend is an echo of 80s will stay for a while. It’s especially great piece to have, if you want to hide some flaws of your body. Choose the one that has a structured design to flatter your body. The stand-up collar, combined with tucked-in hair, will instantly create an edgy, modern image.
adult runaway a break from the day


What are your favorite trends?


aquaskye: February 2013 (clipped to

Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013 (clipped to

Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013 (clipped to

Pinterest / Search results for shoes runway 2013 (clipped to

Everyone’s wearing…the Saint Laurent Duffle Bag – Celebrity Fashion… (clipped to

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Backstage BCBG Max Azria (clipped to

adult runaway a break from the day (clipped to


Smart Dresses I Love

Let’s face it. Not everyone has perfect proportions no matter how hard you work out. Hour glass-shaped women quite often desire to make their hips look slimmer and legs look longer. Rectangular shaped women who usually have long beautiful legs desire to make the waist look thinner. While wearing all black might make you look few pounds lighter, the current trends enable a great choice of dresses with structural design and a  pattern which creates the optical illusion of changing size. I absolutely love these dresses.

Fashion Is Geometry


Leather, Leather, Leather!

What do you think of woman who wears the same leather jacket to the office, the PTA meeting and the theater?

I believe women entrepreneurs can combine conservative clothes with leather apparel to make a bold statement. She is a woman who makes calculated risks. She embraces her both masculine and feminine sides.

I love leather.

As a teenager in Russia, I wore it as a rebellious statement. A few years later, I moved to the United States to earn my bachelor’s degree. During this time, I was coordinating leather apparel for a large company. I developed a lot of product knowledge and networked with a number of interesting, successful people. The years passed and I moved on to earn my master of business administration degree. I still had a keen interest in this clothing niche.

Fiasco Magazine July/August 2010 Masha Z. by Pino Gomes

Corinna Ingenleuf Dons Rebellious Style for Mark Kean's Sleek Shoot

Marie Claire Editorial Marie Claire-The Leather Principle, October...

Kati Nescher Dons Leather Looks for Vogue China's August 2012 Cover...

Just recently, I attended a Milwaukee gala with people of different age and professional demographics. The women wore leather jackets and blazers. I even spotted formal leather dresses. Imagine. They were not rebellious teenagers, bikers or rock stars. These women  were conservative professionals.

Many people perceive leather as the epitome of sexiness or rebellion. The fact is that it is the current fashion trend. It’s seen on catwalks of New York, Milan, Paris and London. In fact, every top designer has a leather outfit in his or her 2012-2013 collections.

What started as a trend by punks with limited cash in the 1970s has emerged into a present-day lady-like trend for professional, feminine women.

Corinna Ingenleuf Dons Rebellious Style for Mark Kean's Sleek Shoot

Lover Offers Lace and Leather for its Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


Kati Nescher Dons Leather Looks for Vogue China's August 2012 Cover...

I am not a teenager any longer. Yet, my closet still has plenty of leather – from gloves to jackets. I like to mix it with conservative clothes, such as white shirts, closed toe shoes and pencil skirts.

It’s like having the de rigueur little black dress in your wardrobe. Leather outerwear is a “must-have” classic that will never go out of style.

Do you have a leather jacket? How do you like to wear it?