Step into Spring with a Romantic Wardrobe

When I first moved to NYC, I worked for an emerging French designer. If I had to characterize her design, I would say that it was quite romantic and free-spirited with few conservative pieces sprinkled into the collection. Most of the pieces were made from silk. Her mini-flared, ruffled skirts were the key to her overall collection and design style.
 I‘ll never forget her saying that we should target business women and encourage them to wear our line.
At that time, I thought her ideas were crazy and impossible.
We all know that business women value practicality and time. Long hours in the office, frequent travel and business meetings require practical fabrics that won’t wrinkle.
Fine silk skirts and dresses prove to be a nightmare in terms of creases and wrinkles. Not only are they impractical, they also usually don’t fall into the company dress code criteria.
Nevertheless, we all know that focusing on practicality and niche market demand does not always lead to success. What makes great designers “great” is more than quality tailored pieces, beautiful color palette and an impressive logo.
What sets them apart is their unconventional thinking and ability to challenge the status quo.
In particular, I encourage you to check out the new collections of Lan Yu and Denibi, offering us amazing soft hues and exquisite details. Just in time for spring!
Here are some ideas to spruce up your wardrobe.
Chandeliers on! 
I absolutely love these 24-karat yellow gold-plated earrings.
Featuring lacy filigree frames, French wire, mixed carnelian and dyed blue jade beads, these earrings fit nicely in the smallest purse. 
They can transform your plain office ensemble into a chic, romantic look for dinner.
Step Into Spring



Let’s ruffle things up!  

The ruffles on a classic shirt or blouse will add a charming twist

to your overall conservative look.

Let's Ruffle Things Up!


Add loose waves to your hair for a modern, romantic look.
Depending on your hair’s natural texture, use textured sprays to create instant waves or sleep on braided hair. Volumizing sprays such as Living Proof “Full Dry Volume Blast” will maintain softness and shine of your hair. It’s one of my favorite products from Sephora so far. 
You can also create natural-looking waves with a flat iron.  I have medium-length, thick hair and it takes me around 10 minutes to create a natural-looking, wavy look by twirling and pulling. 
If you have other recommendations for achieving this effect, please, share in the comment section below.
Personalize your hat
Add a chic lace trim to your fedora hat for a delicate, classy touch.
Find your color inspiration, play with textures, experiment and have fun!
Tied up
Consider classic bow knots, ladies!  These blouses are so appropriate to wear to work.
Elegant, feminine, chic. Your keys to success.
Bow Neck Tie


Share your ideas about adding a romantic twist to a conservative style.