The Magic of The Oscars

The Oscars, one of the most emotional ceremonies on television worldwide,  is a symbol of  perfectionism, glamour and American dream.

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Along those lines, I think a lot of the viewers are honestly drawn to actors who are less-than perfect. Let’s face it, people become obsessed with individuals who make the “worst-dress list.” Or what about the clumsy starlet who falls down the stars. Doesn’t a bruised, limping actress on crutches draw more attention?

I have a personal theory about this. We like watching stars fail because it makes us feel more human.  Is the sentiment that Kristen Stuart tried to draw on when she hobbled on stage with crutches?  Well, it took a lot of courage, Kristen, but your reputation of a big drama queen did not weigh in your favor.

On a more positive note, I thought Anne Hathaway’s makeup and hairstyle beautifully complimented her facial features.  She reminds me a doe-eyed Audrey Hepburn, with her expressive dark eyebrows and short-bang looks.

Audrey Hepburn, 1963
By thefoxling

Audrey Hepburn Poste
By barbie.harris37
Audrey Hepburn
By barbie.harris37

This particular look is so contemporary again.  Compliment this look by throwing on a cool 60s coat, which can be found at almost any vintage store, et volia, you have a chic and modern look!

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Get The Look: Anne Hathaway

But back to The Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron were among the best-dressed nominees.  Both wore strapless Dior gowns. You will never go wrong at formal party wearing an off-shoulder dress,  coupled with a revealing neck hairdo.  It’s a sexy, yet, classic and elegant look, which often requires a lot of care and attention to pull off.  Quite often we attend to our facial care and absolutely neglect the skin around the neck, which, in fact is more prone to aging and weight gain.  To maintain a beautiful décolleté area and maintain firm skin, try Dr. Brandt’s Skincare products.  You will see immediate results. DDF – Doctors Dermatologic Formula has a great line of products,  if you have problem, or normal to oily skin.

Red Carpet: Beauty Of Neck

Finally, I enjoyed all of the Oscar acceptance speeches. They were extremely emotional and inspirational. But that is for another blog post.

What are your thoughts about The Oscars?



The Perfect White Shirt

The classic white shirt has been in fashion for quite some time.

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Vogue writer Franca Sozzani indicates that in the 19th century it was a symbol of wealth. The wearer was making a statement that he or she didn’t have to worry about soiling his or her clothing.

In the last century, fashion icons Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wore the white shirt with elegance, simplicity and grace. They popularized the item, as fashion always seems to follow cinema.

In creating your wardrobe, it is essential to invest in this basic, which can be worn many different ways.

Of course, there are variations of the white shirt. It can be fitted, textured or stretched. It may have playful ruffles in the front or back. You may find a tunic that ties at the waist. The cuffs may be French. The material may be cotton, linen or a silk or elastane blend. Find the shirt that  flatter you the best and can be easily transformed from day-wear to evening wear.

White Shirt Girls

White Shirt Girls

Celebrity Street Style

Street Style Aesthetic » Karen Gillan


This is a guilt-free purchase. The white shirt will never go out of style and can be accessorized in numerous ways.

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