Spring Summer 2017 Men’s Fashion Week: Nick Graham, Kenneth Ning and More!

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying your summer vacation breaks to the fullest. I am a bit late with New York Fashion Week: Men’s SS17, due to my crazy, unpredictable schedule. Yet, better late than never!

I’ve always been attracted to certain men’s jewelry and accessories and once in a while I like to borrow from the men’s section. I think a strong masculine piece such as a structural blazer, men’s briefcase or men’s watch can add an effortless edginess, chic, and conservatism to the overall feminine look.

So, here are my favorite moments from New York Fashion Week: Men’s SS17.

1. I’ve loved Nick Graham’s innovative approach to creating a fashion show. The dazzling event allowed attendees to dive into the glamorous, prerevolutionary 1950s world of Cuba. Its world-class cabaret and club, Tropicana, was especially highlighted. Nick Graham Cuban Theme Summer Spring 2017

The use of a striking visual presentation versus a traditional runway show was intriguing. It provided bloggers and editors with more time to analyze details, so they could create better content, while fully enjoying the 1950s Havana vibes. One of my favorite looks: effortlessly chic rolled pants, camo scarf, and retro sunglasses.

Nick Graham SS17 fashion week Cuban theme Summer spring trend Cuban rolled pants

Nick Graham ss 17 Spring Summer 2017 men's fashion Cuban theme
2.  I also found the Artistix and Andy Hilfiger “Equality” line to be quite inspirational. In particular, I liked the abstract prints by Artistix founder Greg Polisseni. I’d like to see more of these elements and prints incorporated in women’s clothes.

Artistix Andy Hilfiger Prints Art and Fashion Abstract Spring summer 2017Photo Credit: Jason Konrad

3. Designed in New York and handmade in London, Passavant and Lee briefcases have such a sleek and modern look, combined with traditional craftsmanship. Functionality and timeless style are the key of this brand. I’d certainly recommend checking their website for product details.

Passavant and Lee briefcases summer spring 2017 ss17 men's fashion accessories

Passavant and Lee NYFW: Men’s SS17 Presentation


Instagram User @stylebykish

4. Refreshing hues of navy and red and unexpected tropical prints in Parke and Ronen collection were a breath of fresh air during the men’s fashion week events. I also found checkered shirts tied around the waistline a la the ‘90s quite exciting and worth stealing.

Parke & Ronen tropical prints ss 17 Summer 2017 New York fashion weekPhoto credit: Getty Images

5. Also, I loved Kenneth Ning’s innovative designs and military chic inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 British-American war film, “Full Metal Jacket.” The contrast between models’ emotionless faces and the rebellious deconstruction of designers’ garments was particularly striking. Three words would describe Kenneth Ning’s Men’s SS17 collection: edgy, innovative and effortless.

kenneth Ning ss17 deconstruction men's fashion New York

Kenneth Ning ss 17 Spring Summer 2017 military chic camo print full metal jacket

They’re Baaaaack!

The 90s trends are back. What are your memories of this time?

I was a teen during this era of uncertainty for Russia. Hyperinflation and long lines for the currency exchange remain fixed in my memory. Unlike the United States, where grunge was extremely popular, sportswear and neon colors dominated Russian markets. Techno music and electronic rock were enormously popular and influenced fashion trends. La Bouche, Dr. Alban, Prodigy, Ace Of Base and similar bands dominated the scene. Also, I will never forget the sudden flow of electronics into our household, which included a ton of video games. The Internet was not accessible to everyone. Many didn’t even know about it. Yet, thanks to my older brother who is extremely obsessed with technology and science fiction I was discovering things, like email, instant messaging, web sites, etc.

I have to admit, the 90s were a fascinating time for me. There were many new things to discover, particularly in the fields of fashion and technology. I was always sort of an early consumer. I always believe like I have to be one of the firsts when it comes to discovering new things.

Today I personally like to incorporate those cute royal blue blue slouchy pants into my wardrobe and pair them with high heels.

Boy In Heels Look: fun, sporty blue slouchy pants paired with high heel shoes.

Boy In Heels Look: fun, sporty blue slouchy pants paired with high-heel shoes.

LANVIN Royal Blue Silk Trousers featuring accent stripe in white at side seams.

LANVIN Royal Blue Silk Trousers featuring accent stripe in white at side seam.

Club Monaco Annie Pants

Club Monaco Annie Pants

What are your thoughts on the 90s revival?

What are your stories and memories of this decade?