When You Can’t Fake It

I spend a significant amount online monitoring fashion trends and new startups. I’ve noticed an increase of Asian online stores selling designer replica products. One of those website descriptions reads:

 “… is an online shopping destination that you need to bookmark and visit again and again. Our mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration. Inspire and be inspired by cool girls the world over.

Here are the hottest single product recommendation, the fabulous treasure to share, come visit the baby, and love with beautiful people found the fashion, sharing fashion, looking for fashion to catch up with the trend; share the shopping experience, record your fashion diary, practicing fashion and beautiful heart Sutra, do the most beautiful.”

A better origin of fashion?!

First of all, that company can claim no authenticity. These are shameless replicas of top world designers, such as Valentino, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and many others. Second, the website is full of grammatical errors, which make me cringe. What a sign of unprofessionalism and ignorance. Finally, I’ve noticed that the company targets fashion bloggers and social networks for fashion enthusiasts from all over the world. The exposure to all of this is like the spread of an unpreventable virus.

I have always been against replicas. The top designers and world-recognizable brands invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to build their brands and reputations.  They typically have a long history and passion for design at the core of their name (brand). I respect that.

My message for the customer: first, you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to experience the design of luxury brands. There is a reason that famous designers collaborate with other retailers, such as H&M, Macy’s, Target, etc.  If you purchase a replica, you only show ignorance, lack of taste and disrespect for designers.

My message to fashion bloggers: Would you buy fake apparel just to get your name out there?

If so, your choices are not sustainable in the long run.  If you are thinking of a long-term career as a stylist or fashion blogger, support the designers and learn as much as possible about them, including the personalities of their brands, as well as their histories.


Even if you aren’t a technology geek, you will appreciate the Everpurse.

It’s the first wireless charger bag specifically for women.


The sleek leather or cloth purse will charge your Smartphone all day. If you leave the Everpurse on its charging mat at night, by the morning, it will be ready to charge your phone up to two times over. In nonGeek language, this means that when your phone is about to fade out or die, you can charge it very quickly by popping it in the Everpurse.

This huge convenience for busy women was designed by a very busy woman— former Chicago social worker and entrepreneur Liz Salcedo.

Finally, I just find it irresistible. It’s an attractive purse that can be used day and night. It will hold essentials and fit into a larger handbag or briefcase.

Everpurse Final-QuickTime H.264 from Everpurse on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: http://www.everpurse.com

Virtual Shopping

We use our smartphones to check our bank balances, order Ma Po Tofu for lunch and send our romantic partners a quick text before the work day even begins. So, why do so many women hesitate to shop online?

“Because my body type is atypical and I can’t try the clothes on and know that they will fit,” you say.

True, you will not have the opportunity to circle in front of the mirror once you have zipped up the burgundy leather skinny pants you have pulled off the rack. But do you really need to?

If you know your body type and what fits you best, shopping online can be very advantageous. Aside from the ability to choose from an array of designers and brands, there are numerous other reasons to shop online.

James, I think your cover's blown!
By laverrue

Convenience, convenience, convenience. During your lunch break, you can sneak to your favorite online store without ever leaving your office. In the evening, while your children are doing their homework, you can wrap yourself in a fleece blanket, sip a glass of pinot noir and shop through a number of different stores. Personally, I love to turn on my favorite music, lean against my favorite pillow and search for the perfect designer leather bag on my laptop.

Efficiency. Like most women balancing a career and family, you may not have a lot of time. By using the search function, you can quickly find styles that fit your body type. For example, I often type the key words “low waist,” “draping,” or “genuine leather,” etc.

Bargains. Don’t you love deals? Finding a pair of Dolce & Gabbana pumps on sale is very satisfying. Footwear, from a logistics’ point of view, is very expensive inventory to keep. The markdowns on those are sometimes unbelievable. Finding $600 shoes for $80 means that your new high-quality shoes will keep you in style and your budget in balance.

Styling tips. Many online retailers match products with accessories, so you can learn styling skills and make better color selections. In addition, many stores provide recommendations or offer the products similar to the ones you have chosen.

Customized accounts. There are a few retailers that allow you to create a profile with your personal measurements and preferences. This makes the shopping experience very convenient.

Virtual shopping is a fun experience and with the rapid development of technology, it will only get better.

At Your Fingertips: Touch Screen Gloves

Now that it is December, you and your partner are enjoying winter activities— outdoor ice skating, cross-country skiing or snow shoeing.

While taking in the beauty of the season, it’s impossible to cut off the rest of the world. We need to be able to access our smartphones periodically.

And with the latest fashion advances, you can.

Grandoe Women's Selene Leather Touchscreen Gloves: Touch screen gloved hands allow us to tweet, check in on the babysitter and send a message to the office assistant from the skating rink even in the most bitter conditions. You will never have to take off your gloves again.

Grandoe Women’s Selene Leather Touchscreen Gloves: Touch screen gloved hands allow us to tweet, check in on the babysitter and send a message to the office assistant from the skating rink even in the most bitter conditions. You will never have to take off your gloves again.

Look for genuine leather gloves that have special threads and fibers that make the entire glove conductive. This improves the connection between your fingers and the touch screens of hand-held devices and computers. Even visiting the ATM will never be easier.

A high-quality glove is made with thin layers that trap the heat and circulate it. A 100% cashmere lining will provide you an ultimate in cold-weather comfort.

There are numerous lines to choose from and they vary greatly in price. If you buy them online, you will not be facing regular store mark-ups. Consequently, even after shipping costs are added, the products are usually less expensive online. A pair of good gloves will last you about five years.

These also will make a wonderful holiday gift.