Indigo Rush: Discovering Sustainable Textiles in Bali

While staying in Ubud, Bali for more than two weeks, I enjoyed finding hand-dyed indigo garments here and there. They were certainly standing out from other pieces at local boutiques. The blue color was vibrant and the texture of the natural fiber pleasant to touch. 

The process of turning green leaves into brilliant blue dye through fermentation dates to ancient times. It’s performed in India, Southeast Asia, South America, Japan, Europe as well as West Africa. Natural fabrics made of linen, bamboo or cotton are used for this process, as synthetic fibers do not have pores to hold on to indigo. The marriage of natural fabric and non-toxic dye is an example of a beautiful sustainable textile.

If you are in Bali, I highly recommend that you keep an eye out for these vibrant blue pieces. They are little bit more expensive than other textiles but totally worth it. You may also check out my favorite stores, such as Ikat Batik and Manik Bali in the heart of Ubud, or look at my picks on

1. Organic Hand dyed Indigo Blue Alpaca Yarn

2. Indigo Pigment for Natural Dying

3. Indigo Linen Shawl

4. Indigo Batik Cotton Dupatta

5. Indigo Wine Gift Bag

6. Indigo Block Printing Kit

7. Indigo Beach Bag


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