The Spirit Of NYFW Celebration: Candid Street Photography

Dear friends,

I am pleased to share the spirit of NYFW celebration by posting few of my favorite candid shots I did yesterday and I am excited to announce that I was recently invited to Kati Stern VENEXIANA Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show and the exclusive Polyvore Fashion Week Style Lounge event featuring Sephora and DreamDry. This certainly should be fun! I can’t wait to share my experience; stay tuned!




nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-9 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-4 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015_floral_maxi_skirt nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015_neon_colors nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-7 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-8 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-11 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015 nyfw_street_style_summer_Spring_2015-2_MG_2206


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