Island Allure Grows in Brooklyn

I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend!

You probably know from my previous posts that I am a big cultural festivals fan. Whenever I have a chance to enjoy traditional rituals and customs, I go for it. This past week, instead of heading to the beach for a conventional Labour Day celebration, I enjoyed embracing the Caribbean culture. Brooklyn was alive with soca (also known as chutney music) and calypso. My senses came alive from the island food and tropical colors. Although the heat was rather oppressive and I wanted to douse myself with a bucket of ice, this venture was well worth it. The colorful costumes, bodies dusted with glitter, traditional dance movements and subtle mystery proved to be an ideal way to end the summer.


tropical_colors_bloggercorn_festival_western_indian_brooklyn fruits_festival_brooklyn western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-11 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-12 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-9 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-8 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-7 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-6 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-5 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-10 jamaican_culture_western_indian_holiday_carnival western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-17 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-21 western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-22man_with_masks_brooklyn_festival festival_celebration_fashion_blogger_cultural.jpgBubble_midi_chalayan_skirt_western_indian_carribbean_festival_costumes_carnival-19 coconut_juice_festival_zara_shawlSkirt: Chalayan

Scarf: Zara

Jewelry: John Hardy

Crossbody: Parentesi

Sunglasses: Philip Lim



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