Celebrate Bastille Day: Ten Chalkboard Décor Ideas for Wine-and-Cheese Parties


bastille_day_nyc_french_holiday bastille_day_on_60th

Ready for the fun and excitement of Bastille Day? Ready to be transported into another culture? I am!


One of my most memorable French experiences had to be taking Views of France: Learning French Culture through Cuisine at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This exciting class was so informative.


I have to say that the wine and cheese lecture will always remain with me. We tried cuisine from every region in France. It was thrilling to refine the palate and learn about pairing wine and cheese.


I enjoy sharing this with my friends. I sometimes see my guests go for the safer choices of well-known cheeses. I want to challenge them, and you, to try new and unfamiliar combinations of wine and cheese. Be creative and open to new flavors and blends.

Shady goatsPhoto by flickr user savagecat

cheesesPhoto by flickr user _gee_

Cheese UpdatesPhoto by flickr user bert_m_b

Since Bastille Day is upon us, why not throw a special party?


Consider using chalkboard décor trend at a wine-and-cheese gathering. I think all these innovative products are amazing and provide such a fun way to entertain guests.


Let me share my favorites with you.


1. Fabrications Slate Cheese Board comes with a food-safe chalk set so you can write the names of the cheeses. This way, everyone can participate in the learning experience.


2. ASA Selection Slate Memo Rectangle 2-Tier Etagere I adore the modern design of this etager. It’s utilitarian and elegant.


3. Make you own Wine Glasses with Chalkboard Base so your guests can label them in all sorts of fun ways.

4. Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser Tags, Set of 4. Perfect for parties and endlessly reusable, these tags let guests know which wine you are serving. It’s a terrific way to describe each wine flavor so that guests can experiment and create their own wine and cheese blends.

Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser Tags, Set of 4


5. Chalkboard Napkin Rings – Set of 6 These were created by artist Rae Dunn, who found inspiration in the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, or the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Her ceramic napkin rings for Magenta have a chalkboard finish so you can write a name, slogan or special message.

Rae Dunn_napkin_ring_chalk_design


6. Scribble Linens. Set of 4 Placemats Black Small Damask You have to get these placemats if you’ve invited creative types! The best inspiration comes from parties and cocktail hours. Let your guests express their ideas. Time to let the inner kid out.


7. Cheers 5 Piece Condiment Set I love the contemporary shape and print of these bowls. It’s a great way to serve dipping sauces and condiments at your gatherings.


8. Chalkboard Candle Fig Create a special message and draw a masterpiece on these scented candles. They are available in eight popular fragrances and three colors. They come with chalk and can be used again and again. What a fabulous gift idea.


9. This chalk marker writes clearly on a variety of surfaces. It’s suitable for chalkboards, mirrors, ceramics, plastic and glass. It’s easily removed with a damp cloth.

Chalk Ink Wet Wipe Markers

10.  This globe will make your wine-and-cheese party lively and interesting. Bring out your guests’ inner Columbus. Let them plan the next road trip adventure or expand their small enterprises to a global level.

Jamie Young Chalkboard Globe Large

Share your party ideas using chalkboard décor.







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