Five Stylish Must-Have Items under $50 For Your Summer Barbecue

Summer BBQ

Summer isn’t summer without barbecue gatherings.

Whether you are planning your own party or headed to your friend’s backyard gathering,

here are a few affordable items to make a successful event.

1. Oliver Doodle appetizer plates. At $2.95 a plate, this line, which features stickman Oliver in a variety of scenarios, will add character and personality to any table. So modern, simple and fun!


oliver-cocktail-sword-appetizer-plate oliver-sushi-appetizer-plate

 Click here to see more designs


2. Williams-Sonoma Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Contemporary and chic. I absolutely love this set.


Chili Pepper Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


3. Nuance Olive Sticks. If you enjoy eating olives and serving them at parties, consider purchasing a few funky Nuance Olive Sticks. Your guests will remember these for some time. I personally can’t live without olives. I love all the shapes, colors and sizes — Kalamata, Sicilian Green, Cerignola. The variety is extensive. 
Nuance Olive Sticks - Set of 4


4. Sur La Table BBQ Placemats. These checkered placemats have a touch of vintage. They will definitely fit your free-spirited picnic mood.

Sur La Table Checkered BBQ Placemats, Sets of 4

5. Sur La Table BBQ Bean Pot. This cast iron pot is on sale for just $14. Enjoy heating barbecue sauces or melting butter in this practical item. You can also cook your favorite seafood.

Sur La Table® BBQ Bean Pot



Have an amazing summer.



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