Celebrating Summer with Wendy’s® and Style Icon Molly Sims

Fashion enthusiasts,

 Just a few days ago I had the incomparable experience of celebrating summer on the 620 Loft & Garden at Rockefeller rooftop in New York City.

 I attended Wendy’s® and style icon Molly Sims’ event that introduced Wendy’s® Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad. Each guest tasted the salad while enjoying Wendy’s®  strawberry lemonade, which I love. We all listened as Molly Sims shared the hottest summer trends and beauty tips.

I was excited to discover that Molly Sims is a big fan of Polyvore; she is part of this amazing creative community. Thanks to the innovative and geographically diverse Polyvore community, I was inspired to begin blogging and sharing my boards with readers. If you haven’t tried this social commerce website, I highly recommend it.

At the event, I also made my own bracelet with Stephanie Rodas, who makes handmade jewelry. Click here to see her creations.

 Do-it-yourself jewelry is fascinating and ultimately unique. Each piece reflects true passion, love and hard work. What a fabulous way to make gifts for friends and loved ones.




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