Reinvented Athletic Wear Invasion

Have you noticed that designers reinvent athletic clothes for the catwalks again and again? Have you spotted these glammed up items on city streets?

 Welcome to the athletic wear invasion.

 Traditional sport backpacks became structured and glamorous. Classic sneakers have feminine, or oxford-like designs. Runners transformed into edgy, modern shorts.

Keds Navy Pointer Dot

Keds Boyfriend

What Goes Around Comes Around Louis Vuitton Mabillon Backpack - Red

TOPSHOP Black Faux Leather Shorts

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Zipper-Trim Faux Leather Backpack


Even sweatshirts are stylish wear. In fact, I just fell in love with one. It’s cozy, yet chic and fun. It’s definitely not a sweatshirt you’d wear to the gym. I adore the sheer inserts on the sleeves; they make this piece chic for both day and night.


boyfriend_jeans_sweatshirt_trend_athletic.jpgI accessorize with a tribal bijou made by French designer based in New York.

She creates her delicate jewelry with a mix of African and elegant French aesthetics. I absolutely love its clean and minimalist design.

 Which reinvented athletic wear have you purchased recently?

Sweatshirt:  Ehvonnae in LES
Jewelry: 75th Bijoux

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