Come Sail Away — Wearing Bermuda Shorts

Ready to board a schooner or yacht for summer fun? If so, you’re not alone. I, too, am ready for a nautical diversion.


Vermuda Shorts



This clothing item had many variations through history.

It’s fairly common knowledge that the British Army made Bermuda shorts mandatory in desert climates. Perhaps you didn’t know that almost 100 years ago, they became a costume de rigueur at colleges such as Smith and Vassar. By the 1950s, Bermuda shorts, knee socks and sweaters were American college staples, according to Deirdre Clemente, who wrote “How College Students Redefined American Style.”


via tumblr user Lovelyladythings


Today, Bermuda shorts come in all styles and designs, from A-line mini skirt-like, to work-appropriate shorts that hit just above the knee.

ACNE Bermuda


Apt. 9® Modern Fit Denim Trouser Bermuda Shorts

Thakoon Silk striped bermudas

Zara Studio Bermuda Shorts

MADEWELL Laer® Leather Bermuda Shorts

SOCIT ANONYME loose fit bermuda shorts

ANDREA INCONTRI Denim bermudas

Lately, I’ve been especially drawn to these chic Phillip Lim

metallic-detailed jacquard Bermuda shorts.

I love, love the structured shape of these shorts.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Splattered Cuff Bermuda Shorts




Denim Bermuda Shorts

How are you wearing your Bermuda shorts this summer? Are you wearing a preppy top, Birkenstock sandals and tote bag for that afternoon sail? Or are you slipping on a silk blouse, jacket and heels for the office?  Which styles do you love the most? Share your ideas!!

13 thoughts on “Come Sail Away — Wearing Bermuda Shorts

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