Everyone’s a Winner: Join the NYC Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

New Yorkers, consider putting on your running shoes and participating in the Big Egg Hunt.


Beginning April 1, Faberge started hiding more than 200 giant eggs around the five city boroughs. Famous designers, jewelers and artists, including Ralph Lauren, Jeff Koons and Martha Stewart created these glorious eggs.


The 17-day Big Egg Hunt requires an app that outlines egg locations and directions regarding sweepstakes that allow participants to win Fabergé jewelry.


The eggs will be auctioned April 22 at Sotheby’s. Proceeds benefit Elephant Family, the conservation charity.

 Happy hunting!




Matthew Weinstein’s Koi Egg (Visual Artist, Installation Sculptor, and Filmmaker)


This egg I’ve found in Little Italy. Harif Guzman’s Egg: Examination of how the individual soul shines through the pack.


Pirovano Egg by designer and illustrator Monica Pirovano features multi-sensory experience of exploring a city.


Zoetregg features optical toy which enables to witness an elephant running with the skyline of New York in the background.



Limited-edition replicas constructed from ostrich eggs



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