Business and the Art of Motorcycle Riding

You have probably read the book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” Well, I am hear to tell you that motorcycle riding also provides life epiphanies and business lessons. When you master riding and entrepreneurship, the thrill is unprecedented.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. When practicing, always look as far as possible down the road.

I will never forget the instructor’s face as he watched me looking at my throttle or bumps on the road.
“Lena, you are going to die, if you keep this up,” he yelled.
Similarly, in business, it’s important to analyze trends and anticipate the future. Not just for the sake of leadership. We need to take advantage of trends to turn ideas into profit and foresee the threats of competitive marketplace. Instead of looking for a bump down the road, we keep the big picture in mind and not lose enthusiasm over small, insignificant obstacles.
Otherwise, we will crash and burn as entrepreneurs.

2. If you fall off the bike, don’t quit!

I remember my first motorcycle fall. It was actually more ego bruising than physically painful.
“Do this again, and you leave!” my instructor screamed as he ran to check the bike.
Another person in my shoes (well, motorcycle boots) would have quit immediately after this accident. Out of stubbornness (which is a quality I am not always proud of), I stayed. Not only did I stay, I learned. After persistent practice, I embraced the joy of riding.
Attitude is everything. You fail, but you never quit! Especially when you are doing something that you love. Don’t let anybody discourage you. Try again and again until you embrace failure as a learning experience. You have to reach a mental state when failure is part of adventure and inevitable on the road of success.
Rev it up!



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