I Want To Be a Part of It — New York

Bright, exciting, intense, vibrant, sensible. New York City at its best.

I moved here almost four months ago. I made a good decision. Leaving a comfort zone for a more intense environment has made me content. The intensity, and the electrifying infusion of culture and art, make this a unique city.

I’ve moved a few times since I arrived. Finally, I have found an apartment that I love. I have a gigantic office table, and a large rack with countless hangers― something I have missed.

While moving around, I met Americans from various regions, as well international residents. Prior to moving to New York, I knew people with a strong connection to this city, but they elsewhere for various reasons. I interviewed many of them and I want to share their impressions of the city.

“My first three years living in New York city was like running a marathon. It’s an extremely competitive place where everyone follows his or her dreams. Everyone is  running, everyone pushes himself or herself. You don’t want to be behind.” a beauty consultant and filmmaker from California.


Brooklyn Bridge

“Sometimes it’s a challenge to make people to participate in a questionnaire. But I don’t take the rejections personally. I am a New Yorker.”interviewer from 1,000 Fortune company in Manhattan.

“You either can end up on the top of Manhattan’s roofs or in the bottom of the city. You have to be very careful”a taxi driver from Middle East.


High Line, NYC

“The first months can be extremely challenging in New York. Hang in there and don’t go back.” Entrepreneur at a meet-up for professionals.

 “I would never live in New York. My trips here are solely for business purposes. It’s extremely intense here.”a woman-entrepreneur in her 40s, buyer from Trinidad.

“I’ve been in NYC now for just more than a year and I was placed here for work. Initially, I lived between NYC and London. I gave up my friends and London lifestyle to be here and had a hard time of it to start with. It can be an intimidating city, but people are very friendly. Finding affordable housing was tough and while here I changed jobs so my work stopped paying for my rent, which was a massive shock to find it myself with no credit! My new job sorted out my visa and I decided I would stay here for good. No matter how tough it is out here I love it and I have been here for more than six years now. The art/music/food/people/diversity – everything makes it kind of magical. There is always a party somewhere and everyone’s invited. I am constantly falling back in love with the city and hope I keep doing it for as long as I live here. “entrepreneur, advertising industry.

“I think there is no other place like New York. It’s challenging and can be cruel, stinky and disgusting at times but it’s also extremely powerful, fascinating and beautiful. There is special energy in the city that compensates for annoying train rides and tourists. And I hate winters here.”photographer, former programmer.


Pier 11/Wall Street


“New York is all about movement. You pay a premium for space in every capacity. And although there are millions around you are more alone than in any other city.” – vice president of real estate company, Miami

What was your experience of living in New York? Have you ever thought about moving to this city?


Charging Bull, which is sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull.
Artist: Arturo Di Modica


Soho, New York


The Statue Of Liberty, NYC

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Columbus Circle, Central Park

Columbus Circle, Central Park





Sanford Biggers’ Blossom, Brooklyn Museum


Pier 11 / Wall St.

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