New Year Style Resolution

Happy New Year!

This is perhaps one of my favorite times of year. In Russia, where I grew up, this important holiday lasted for days. It was a time to share a nice bottle of ice-cold vodka, juicy tangerines, herring salad, roe and pickles with guests.

It also was a time to outline plans for the year.

I’m a very goal-oriented person who makes resolutions each year in all areas of my life. Last year, I focused on very serious goals like finishing my master of business administration degree. I also learned more about the fashion industry and technology.

I even make goals about my personal appearance.

Really, come to think of it, don’t we all? Maybe you want to take more time in the morning to look more groomed. Or you are taking care of your health by exercising more and eating better.

I applaud you!

What about your style goals?

I tend to gravitate toward black. This year, I’m going to wear more colors, particularly more whites.

I really love this versatile Rick Owens white skirt. It will never go out of style and will always look chic.

Please, share your resolutions.


2 thoughts on “New Year Style Resolution

  1. My resolution this year is to focus on moderation. In Milwaukee, the culture strongly embraces libation as the way to connect with others and have a good time. I think there are more ways to celebrate together than just drinking (although I do love a night out with endless dancing). As for style, I’d like to focus on my shoe and slacks, two things in my wardrobe that need a little more assistance.


  2. I totally agree with you, Mitchell: there are so many other ways to connect with people besides of drinking. I assume you’ve never experienced Russian New Year’s Eve customs! Then, I am excited to invite you for the Russian New Year’s Eve celebration in Chicago! According to old calendar, it will be held this weekend! You will have a terrific and unforgettable experience!



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