A Weekend In Wicker Park

Headed to Chicago? Check out Wicker Park, which is northwest of the Loop.

A September 2012 Forbes article named Wicker Park the No. 4 hippest hipster neighborhood in the United States. Indeed, the neighborhood boasts few tourists ambling along sidewalks and more young professionals, artists, hipsters and boomers sipping expresso at cafes. The area is brimming with boutiques, shops, bookstores, coffee houses and restaurants.

I headed down this past weekend to take in the sights and do some shopping.

Despite the gloomy rain, the city section bustled with holiday activity and fun-spirited patrons sporting colorful umbrellas. I came across the three-story Myopic Books, a used bookstore filled with more than 80,000 editions. I was in search for photography books and almost got lost.

Myopic BooksMyopic Books

After a terrific experience in book wonderland, I moved on to local boutiques. I really loved this piano mounted with jewelry at one of vintage boutiques.

Vintage Store by Wicker Park

A City Soles really impressed me with stylish interior design and creative visual merchandising. The first thing that caught my attention was that the leather shoes were of a high quality and most of them were made in Spain or Italy. I particularly loved low-heeled combat boots. They  are a must for those who love an androgynous touch to an outfit. They are also for busy city dwellers who walk long distances.

City Soles, ChicagoCity Soles, ChicagoCity SolesCity Soles

The store inventory also included an enormous variety of funky and trendy combat boots for men. They screamed high quality.

City Soles: Men's Boots

The chic handmade bright leather purses by local designers in the boutique also drew my attention. They feature a modern color block design, asymmetrical cut and…studs! I love studs on my leather purses. It lends a modern touch to any outfit.

City Soles

After taking in all the refreshing designs in the shop, I stepped outside to view one that almost sapped my high spirits.

A car passed with an advertisement for American Apparel. The exotic (read: ethnic-looking) woman with a come-hither look was lying face down and half naked in a way that emphasized her buttocks and breasts.

American Apparel's Ad

For the record, I like the provocative and stylish advertisements by Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. I’m not a prude.

I believe that the American Apparel advertisement was vulgar, gratuitous and totally lack of taste.

What’s your opinion?

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