Virtual Shopping

We use our smartphones to check our bank balances, order Ma Po Tofu for lunch and send our romantic partners a quick text before the work day even begins. So, why do so many women hesitate to shop online?

“Because my body type is atypical and I can’t try the clothes on and know that they will fit,” you say.

True, you will not have the opportunity to circle in front of the mirror once you have zipped up the burgundy leather skinny pants you have pulled off the rack. But do you really need to?

If you know your body type and what fits you best, shopping online can be very advantageous. Aside from the ability to choose from an array of designers and brands, there are numerous other reasons to shop online.

James, I think your cover's blown!
By laverrue

Convenience, convenience, convenience. During your lunch break, you can sneak to your favorite online store without ever leaving your office. In the evening, while your children are doing their homework, you can wrap yourself in a fleece blanket, sip a glass of pinot noir and shop through a number of different stores. Personally, I love to turn on my favorite music, lean against my favorite pillow and search for the perfect designer leather bag on my laptop.

Efficiency. Like most women balancing a career and family, you may not have a lot of time. By using the search function, you can quickly find styles that fit your body type. For example, I often type the key words “low waist,” “draping,” or “genuine leather,” etc.

Bargains. Don’t you love deals? Finding a pair of Dolce & Gabbana pumps on sale is very satisfying. Footwear, from a logistics’ point of view, is very expensive inventory to keep. The markdowns on those are sometimes unbelievable. Finding $600 shoes for $80 means that your new high-quality shoes will keep you in style and your budget in balance.

Styling tips. Many online retailers match products with accessories, so you can learn styling skills and make better color selections. In addition, many stores provide recommendations or offer the products similar to the ones you have chosen.

Customized accounts. There are a few retailers that allow you to create a profile with your personal measurements and preferences. This makes the shopping experience very convenient.

Virtual shopping is a fun experience and with the rapid development of technology, it will only get better.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Shopping

  1. Lena, I absolutely agree with you that virtual shopping has lot’s of advantages. For me the most important is a choice. You are not limited by your nearest stores’ selection, you can buy whatever you like. But…sometimes the choice could be a drawback too. You can get overwhelmed by countless outfits you are browsing online. What do you think?


    • Jane, thanks for stopping by! We all have different body shapes and designer/brand style preferences. Also, the designers and brands have a slightly different idea about what a size S or M really is. Online shopping is extremely valuable when the shopper knows well her/his body shape, as well as her/his brand preference / designer cut. Otherwise, shopping online could be overwhelming. Therefore, reading fashion blogs, as well as personal shopper’s assistance are very helpful. Online stores, in their turn, must ensure a more user-friendly experience for their customers, including great returning policies.



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