Wear Gladiator Sandals and Bring Out Your Inner Warrior

My favorite trend now is gladiator sandals.

Gladiators have an interesting history. You saw the movie, right? If you haven’t, let me give you a quick history lesson. Thousands of years ago, the Roman Empire controlled everything. The Romans made slaves out of prisoners of war. They trained the best to be gladiators. If these men survived three to five years, they were free. Imagine the tremendous motivation to fight well.


And today, we have snazzy shoes reminiscent of these fearless men — tall boots, ropes, parallel straps, braided cords, studs, ringtones, cutout details or statement buckles. They come in flat or high heels with many design choices, colors and styles.



Carly Simon in knee-high gladiators, circa 1971, by Jack Robinson

Carly Simon in knee-high gladiators, circa 1971, by Jack Robinson



Scarf Tricks — Make a Vest

In one of my latest posts, I mentioned the reversible scarf I just purchased.

I was drawn to the splash of electric colors and fun geometric patterns. I realized that this piece was also very utilitarian. I’ve used it on a number of occasions.




I used it as a picnic blanket, as mentioned in my earlier post. Sometimes I wear the scarf  over harem pants  or simply drape it over my shoulders.

 To make a vest just fold the scarf in half, grab three corners and tie a knot.

make_a vest_diy_trendpolka_dot_yellow_zara_scarf_wear_as_vest.jpghow_to_make_vest_out_of_scarf_zara

This is also a perfect piece to have when travelling. It doesn’t take up much space in the luggage. It’s light, yet perfect for chilly nights.

Honestly, I learned about this scarf from a Middle Eastern photographer. This long, rectangular scarf is called a shayla. Many Middle Eastern women use it as a hijab, or head covering.

I absolutely love this piece.

 How do you like to wear your scarf?



 scarf: Zara

pants: Chalayan for Puma

bracelet: John Hardy

necklace: 75th Bijoux

shoes: Aldo

sunglasses: Derek Lam


Perfect Picnic Fare Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Sometimes, it’s nice to break from the fast-paced city, where we find ourselves constantly multitasking and rushing. Last Friday I went to Washington Square Park to enjoy the soothing beats of drums.

My recently purchased reversible geometric patterned scarf served as a picnic blanket.

(In my next post I’ll share how to make a reversible vest out this piece.)

For now, I’d like to share five Trader Joe’s must-have items for a picnic:

Southwest Salad and Mango Smoothie.  Both are naturally high in vitamin A and C, one of the best vitamins for beautiful skin.


Add more fiber to your meal with Trader Joe’s Vegetable Tray.


Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar. Can I say “yum” any louder? Not only is dark chocolate delicious,

it’s good for you, if it has a high concentration of cocoa.

This package contains two bars of 85% dark chocolate.

I love its smooth, fruity notes.


I also love the traditional and delicate flavor of a mini French Baguette

which perfectly compliments the delicious salad.



While shopping, I noticed a variety of organic supplements and beauty products. I

haven’t tried them yet. Any recommendations?


Be Bold: Show Your Stripes


It’s Monday and I’m just back from the gym. I feel wonderful and energized.

To be honest, I’ve been procrastinating with writing lately. I’ve been more focused on graphic design projects and the Polyvore social media platform. So, I’ve been a bit behind in my blogging.

Here, I am sharing a look that I created a while ago. I just haven’t shared it until now. I think stripes look amazing when combined with bold colors. The key is to make a statement out this combo and keep everything else simple.

How do you like to wear stripes?


zara_blue_sweatshirt_long_sleeves_cropstriped_pans_aldo_shoes_flats_sandalsstripes_bold_colors_gladiatorsarrow_bag_crossbody_white_mackagemackage_purse_arrow_trendPants: Zara 

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Mackage

Sunglasses: Derek Lam

What’s In Your Beach Bag?

Beach Bag